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Maiden Voyage

September 2, 2012

Day on the Bay

Took my new boat on its Maiden Voyage today.  I installed new hydraulic steering controls and needed to do a test run and shake down cruise.

Since it was a holiday weekend, we launched down at J Street in South Bay and headed up to the Commercial Marina by the Midway Museum Ship to meet up with my buddy who is a commercial fisherman.  Check out their website and find out when and where they will be selling fresh fish in San Diego, they sell right off the boat and at the Farmers Market.


USS Midway Museum

My son and I traded boats.  My new boat is larger and more stable.  The boat will also continue to be used for Rogue Corps trips once it is completely set up for safety.  Check out Rogue Corps at


Putting the boat on the trailer

I have actually been on the boat many times, but this time I was in control.  There is a lot of new electronic equipment to learn, but am looking forward to it, and being able to get out further off shore.

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