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The Scientists

June 8, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarotrauma on Bocaccio, notice extended stomach and bluging eyes

I wanted to write up about the trip I took with some  Scientists I met through this process learning about Barotrauma.  We have met scientists from both the West and East Coasts.  Some of the research scientists from Florida were out to San Diego for a conference and we were able to hook up to get out fishing.  On the trip we used the RokLees as well as several other methods for descending fish.  John Stevely, Brian Fluech, Chuck Adams, Louie Zimm and myself went fishing that day.


Brian showing a Vermilion Rockfish

We left the San Diego Yacht Club  on Louie’s  boat  early in the morning.    We headed north of the Coronado Islands in Mexican waters. We targeted Rockfish with very light gear in 300 foot water.  The light tackle was alot of fun.  We used 20 lb test with medium size Shimano Lucanus Jigs.  Louie had a great milk crate fish descending device.  He used chain around the open end to weight the box.  See photo


John releasing with Louies’ Milkcrate

We also used the RokLees and the Seaqualizer to release fish.  It was pretty much a release trip for fish with Barotrauma only a few were kept for dinner that night.  Fish released back at depth of capture or at least 1/3 depth of capture have a very high survival rate.  You can check out videos on to see the RokLees in action


RokLees descending 2 small rockfish
It was an enjoyable time.  Photos by Brian Fluech
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