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RokLees and Ecoleeser are in Alaska

July 18, 2015

We are in Alaska, we will be fishing and testing the RokLees.  We flew up to Juneau where we will stay 2 nights before heading off to Glacier Bay/Gustavus to go fishing.  The flight yesterday on Alaska Airlines was great.  When we arrived in Juneau, it was raining, and rained all the first day.

Today, we were tourists in Juneau.  We drove south out of town, past the cruise ships in the inlet to check out the view.  As we were driving enjoying the beautiful scenery we pulled over to check out activity on one of the creeks, Sheep Creek.  There were some people on the flats so we headed down to check it out.  There were Chum Salmon heading up the creek to spawn,  It was awesome.

Chum Salmon at Sheep Creek

After viewing the salmon, we headed back into Juneau and drove around the town checking out the houses and area as it is the Capitol of Alaska.  We then headed to visit one of our Retailers,  Western Auto Marine, here is their Website, located at 5165 Glacier Highway, Juneau, Alaska 99801.  Now you wouldn’t believe the inventory that one of the few remaining Western Auto Stores has, this is like an Old Time Hardware store.  Downstairs they have their Auto Parts, Gardening, home and more items.  Upstairs is a sportsman’s paradise, it is amazing, full of tons of fishing tackle, marine supplies, hunting supplies, and lots of sports items for things like biking, baseball, hiking and more.  And they carry the RokLees!

Western Auto

We really appreciate the time the store owner, John spent with us.  This store was one of our early retailers and has provided devices to commercial boats and private boaters.  It was great to hear he had been using the RokLees himself, so he has personal experience he can share with his customers.

We then headed out the the Mendenhall Glacier.  Hard to describe in words how awesome and big the glacier is, it is about 2 miles from here we were viewing it.  The waterfall on the right was about 1 mile away.


We ended out day heading out to the Salmon Hatchery.  They were processing Chum Salmon to harvest the eggs and sperm.  The raise about 1.2 million salmon to release back to the water.

Macaulay Salmon HatcheryDSC01655

Tomorrow we leave for Glacier Bay.  Hope to have some more pictures and experiences to share.

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