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Testing new release device design and South African Reel on Release Rod

December 8, 2014

Friday 28 November, went fishing with my cousin Trisan and son Mark off Point Loma, California.  You might be surprised but we were targeting Rockfish.  We were testing a new fish descender for both small and large fish.  We are hoping to get the price way down if possible.  The testing went well, but we realize the new design needs more modifications for the bigger lips on the larger fish.  The fishing was great, we only released 6 fish, mainly Bocaccio.  We kept limits of Vermillion Rockfish, but their size was smaller than expected.  The fish were 14″-17″, (1.5-3lbs), we are hoping it was just the location.

Saturday Dec 6, went fishing with my cousin Tristan again.  This time we got limits of larger Vermillion Rockfish, they were 16″-20″, 2-4 pounds.  We tried out Tristans’ New South African Fishing Reel.  This reel is 8″ in diameter and has no gears.  We easily released a 6 pound Bocaccio, our biggest of the day using his RokLees Fish Descender on his release rod.   We used 2 lbs of weight to get the fish down.

You can check out the below link on YOUTUBE to see the video of the Release using the RokLees Fish Descender by EcoLeeser

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