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Last Three Weeks

August 15, 2012

We have had some great trips to Estero Bay the last 3 weeks. 3 weeks ago we were down for 4 days fishing for Spotfin and Corbina in the surf and Halibut in the Bay. We were making smelt for Halibut bait and a Sea Turtle came tearing through the smelt. It was the first time I have seen a turtle in the Bay in 55 years.  Seeing the sea turtle was the highlight of the trip.

My cousin Nancy, her husband Tristan and son Zack also came down.  They caught some nice Halibut that weekend.  They also saw the sea turtIe at a different time. We also caught some Corbina in the surf so we had plenty of fish for taco’s.    Here is Zack with 2 of his Halibut

The next week I had the opportunity to take Dillon out for Rokfish off Point Loma. Dillon is a sampler for the CDFG and had the chance to use the Roklees on some small Rokfish. We brought home 5 Copper Rockfish and 15 Vermilion.  It was a good day for Rokfishing.

We went back to Estero last weekend to relax. Tristan, Nancy, Zack and his girlfriend Nichole were already down and were catching some nice halibut. They kept 8 legal size halibut and a 5.4 lb. Broomtail Grouper, another first for the Bay.  This was the first Broomtails grouper I’ve seen caught in the bay, must be Global Warming.

Yesterday, I took my Bluegrass buddy, Rick out for Rokfish in a different area. The current was moving way to fast so we struggled on numbers, but they were all nice fish. One Copper Rokfish weighed in at 5.4 lbs.

We were able to use the Roklees several times, but one very important time was to release a 12.4 lb Cowcod, which was 29 1/2 inches long. We had to use 3lbs. of lead to get it to go down. I had him take it all the way to the bottom to help with recompression. Three years ago, I would have never known you could save these fish from floating on the surface and dying.  See the picture below, of Rick and his Cow.


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