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EcoLeeser Roklees Underwater Release

February 26, 2012

Release of Sunset Rockfish.  This fish was caught at 320 feet and released at 130 foot

You simply open the device and put jaws of the device on the fish with the tab on the bottom lip of the fish.    Once you get to the depth you want to release, you just jerk up on the rod and the fish comes off and swims away.  The release depth depends on the depth the fish is caught.   Generally you can release the fish at 1/3 to ½ the depth the fish is caught, but never deeper than caught.  The RokLees is made to release fish less than 3 pounds.   Larger fish can be released by keeping the fish in the water and adding additional weight.   I mark my line on my release rod so I know when to release.

You can check a video of using the release on Youtube.

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