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A little man with a BIG FISH

December 11, 2011

6 months ago my friend Bobby and I would go to the tackle store to start help him prepare for a 16 day long range trip on the Excel, an approximately 124 foot Sportfishing boat out of Fishermans Landing in San Diego, California.  I was invited to go with him, but at the time I could not afford the trip. We would continue to go every month to buy tackle.  He did alot of research to be sure he went well prepared.   As the time grew nearer to the departure date, our trips to the tackle store were more frequent.    Bobby wanted to be sure he was well prepared for the  Ultimate Long Range Tuna Trip.  This trip was to the Hurricane Bank off the southern Baja California coast.  It took 4 days for them to get to the fishing grounds.

Today we went down to meet the boat,  This is the view of the boat backing in to Fishermans Landing.

12-11-2011 Excel with loaded fan tail

Bobby on the bow of the Excel

12-11-2011 Excel Return

Bobby was hunched over and unusually subdued.  Apparently on the 4 th day of fishing he hurt his back to the point where he could not fish.  He had caught the largest fish on the boat,  but had to have some assistance which disqualified him for the jackpot.   Bobby’s fish weighed in at 241 on the boat!   It was the largest fish caught on the trip.  Man, I should have been on the trip!  This trip produced and incredible quality and quantity of Tuna.    I had heard they had caught 5 fish over 200 lbs on the first day but was not prepared to see all these fish.     They had completely filled all 4 fish holds on the boat.  They were many fish over 200 lbs.  You can check out the Excels website to get the specifics.     I will be catching up with Bobby on Tuesday to hear all about the trip.

Starboard side fish on the deck

The could not put all the fish on the deck.  There were 2 other fish holds that still had to be unloaded at this time.

Here is Bobby with his Fish!!

Fish is taller than Bobby!!

Here is the whole Tuna Picture

Bobby with his HUGE Fish! Congratulations!

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