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Ed Howerton learning how to use the RokLees

March 10, 2012

Ed Howerton learning how to use the RokLees

Check out Booth 733 at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show. Ed Howerton stopped by and we showed him how to use his new RokLees as he prepares for his next Rockfish Tournament

EcoLeeser Roklees Underwater Release

February 26, 2012

Release of Sunset Rockfish.  This fish was caught at 320 feet and released at 130 foot

You simply open the device and put jaws of the device on the fish with the tab on the bottom lip of the fish.    Once you get to the depth you want to release, you just jerk up on the rod and the fish comes off and swims away.  The release depth depends on the depth the fish is caught.   Generally you can release the fish at 1/3 to ½ the depth the fish is caught, but never deeper than caught.  The RokLees is made to release fish less than 3 pounds.   Larger fish can be released by keeping the fish in the water and adding additional weight.   I mark my line on my release rod so I know when to release.

You can check a video of using the release on Youtube.

A little man with a BIG FISH

December 11, 2011

6 months ago my friend Bobby and I would go to the tackle store to start help him prepare for a 16 day long range trip on the Excel, an approximately 124 foot Sportfishing boat out of Fishermans Landing in San Diego, California.  I was invited to go with him, but at the time I could not afford the trip. We would continue to go every month to buy tackle.  He did alot of research to be sure he went well prepared.   As the time grew nearer to the departure date, our trips to the tackle store were more frequent.    Bobby wanted to be sure he was well prepared for the  Ultimate Long Range Tuna Trip.  This trip was to the Hurricane Bank off the southern Baja California coast.  It took 4 days for them to get to the fishing grounds.

Today we went down to meet the boat,  This is the view of the boat backing in to Fishermans Landing.

12-11-2011 Excel with loaded fan tail

Bobby on the bow of the Excel

12-11-2011 Excel Return

Bobby was hunched over and unusually subdued.  Apparently on the 4 th day of fishing he hurt his back to the point where he could not fish.  He had caught the largest fish on the boat,  but had to have some assistance which disqualified him for the jackpot.   Bobby’s fish weighed in at 241 on the boat!   It was the largest fish caught on the trip.  Man, I should have been on the trip!  This trip produced and incredible quality and quantity of Tuna.    I had heard they had caught 5 fish over 200 lbs on the first day but was not prepared to see all these fish.     They had completely filled all 4 fish holds on the boat.  They were many fish over 200 lbs.  You can check out the Excels website to get the specifics.     I will be catching up with Bobby on Tuesday to hear all about the trip.

Starboard side fish on the deck

The could not put all the fish on the deck.  There were 2 other fish holds that still had to be unloaded at this time.

Here is Bobby with his Fish!!

Fish is taller than Bobby!!

Here is the whole Tuna Picture

Bobby with his HUGE Fish! Congratulations!

Pacificly Ocean Bluegrass

December 10, 2011

Yesterday was another great day on the water.  I went fishing with the Band Leader of Pacificly Bluegrass.  I was a member of the band for a short while, and we reconnected.  We are both retired now, so it is great to get together and be on the water with him.  I decided to go out fish off La Jolla to change things up.  I met up with my Bluegrass Buddy Rick at the Dana boat launch in Mission Beach.

We headed out the channel about 630 am, the swell was up, but no wind.  We headed north true the inside of the kelp and stopped where a few boats were anchored up catching squid.  We fished the top edge of the La Jolla Canyon as far north as Torrey Pines.

We kept 13 Rockfish, mostly vermillions and released 12 rockfish.  I like to release all salmon groupers, we released 3 salmon groupers and kept none on the trip.  We used our EcoLeeser Roklees (check it out at

RokLees the Fish Descender

One of my customers reported the day before that he released around 12 fish using the EcoLeeser RokLees with good success.    They kept 20 rockfish and then went to the Mackeral Farm  and had fun wide open bite.

The RokLees was designed to release Pacific Rock Fish, it can work on other species as well.

EcoLeeser – Conserving our Planet one fish at a time.

Trip with a Bluegrass Buddy

December 3, 2011

Yesterday I went out fishing with my Bluegrass Buddy.  We launched the boat in Point Loma, California and headed out 7 miles in my 16 foot skiff.  It was a great day on the water!!

We used jigs and bait, caught fish on both.  Kept 13 Rock Fish, Released 5 Rockfish with the EcoLeeser RokLees Fish Descender.  I kept 3 fish, 2 small 1 pounders for a whole fish dinner and 1 2 pounder I filleted.  My wife tried a new recipe that required me to debone the fish.  After cleaning and descaling, I butterflied the fish and removed all the bones, leaving the head and skin intact.

Keepers of the Day

First debone and butterfy the fish.

Deboning and butterflying

Here is a link to the YouTube video that demonstrated how to debone and butterfly a fish

Deboned and Butterflied

Recipe Whole Fish

1 1lb fish per person,  Deboned and Butterflied

Salt and Pepper

2 Fresh Lemons – 1 sliced thin, and juice of one lemon

Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Herbs, Chives, Oregano, Marjoram, Savory and Tarragon


Prehead Oven to 450 degrees, (or Grill)

Rub outside of fish with Olive Oil

Sprinkle butterflied fish with Salt and pepper

Stuff inside with slices of lemon and then herbs.  We used fresh parsley, savory, tarragon, marjoram and chives.  Kinda hard to be exact and you can use herbs that you like.  We have a herb garden out the back door, so our herbs were fresh picked right before cooking.  Rosemary would also be good in the mix.

Fish Stuffed with Herbs

Once herbs and lemon slices are inside, pull skin over and sprinkle the outside with salt and pepper.  We baked them for 22 minutes.  You could grill them for about 10 mins a side, or until meat flakes and is cooked.

Cooked RockFish - Whole Fish Yum!

She chopped up the leftover herbs and added alittle oil and lemon to use as a garnish with a fresh lemon half

This was really good, but we decided unless we were putting in a stuffing it was too much effort and loss of meat to do the deboning.  It was a good experiment tho and I learned a new technique.

Foggy Fishing

November 18, 2011

Today I went out fishing off La Jolla in the thick fog.  GPS’s are amazing ,I was able to navigate my way from the Mission Bay Channel up to Torrey Pines in my 16 foot boat without seeing any landmarks.  The positive side, was it was very calm, no wind no swell.  

I started catching Reds and caught my limit and released 13, either smaller fish or Bocaccio (which we can only keep 2 in California).  All releases with the EcoLeeser RokLees Fish Descender went well, one fish came off early, but he was deep enough that I was able to see him swim down on his own.  My Roklees was set-up with 1 pound weight on a release rod to release the fish.  I was catching fish in 240 foot and released at 100 foot.

I spent most of the morning using the 10 oz Lucanas jig, trying different methods to get the bigger Reds to bite.  It was successful, the reds caught on the Lucanas were bigger than the ones caught on bait.Image


I release rockfish

September 18, 2011

Hello, I am Randy Hupp, Co-inventor of the RokLees Fish Descending Device.  I am a retired plumber, have been a commercial fisherman and lobsterman.  I love to fish and spend as much time on the water as I can.  In my years of fishing, I have fished off the Southern California Coast and in Baja California, primarily Salt Water fishing.

About a year ago, after a day of fishing, a California Department of Fish and Game surveyor gave me a copy of a California SeaGrant Pamphlet that talked about barotrauma and that rockfish could be saved by returning them to depth soon after catching them.  Here is a link to pamplet I received:

Click to access printBAROTRAUMA_BRO-2008.pdf

I had never heard of barotrauma, though I had seen it in my fishing.  I was unaware that if a fish was returned quickly to a depth of approx 100ft/30 meters,  the fish had a high chance of survival.  I tried several of the methods and was not successful, or they were too expensive.  One of my friends stopped by and asked what I was doing.  He started thinking about the problem too.  We worked out a design to grip the fish’s lip with out further injuring the fish and then release it at depth,   submitted a patent appication, developed prototypes and are now producing the RokLees.

In RokLees testing, approximately 300 rockfish  been successfully released in the last year.  Each fish released  has been given an opportunity for survival and restoration of fish stocks.

In future posts, I will provide links to studies, sites  and counts of fish saved.  I want to encourage other fishermen to post when they save fish, each fish saved is so important.