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Good Weather

March 22, 2012

Yesterday was another great day of fishing on the water. My son Mark, fishing buddy Butch Takahashi and I went out test my sons his new Lowrance meter and the RokLees. Can’t do enough testing you know!! We fished out on the 9 mile bank. The meter worked great, we kept mainly vermillion rockfish and released small calico rockfish, small greenspotted and Barberpoles with barotrauma with the EcoLeeser RokLees Fish Descender. We kept one barberpole, a 2.5 pounder that butch caught.

Nice sized flag!!

This is the recipe my wife tried tonight for the fillets we kept.

Asparagus and Rockfish Parchment packets

Makes 2 servings

The asparagus steams along with the fish in individual paper packets.

2 15×24-inch piece ofparchment paper
2 6-8 ounce fish Rock Fish Fillets (you could use any mild fish such as Halibut or bass) Fillets about 1 inch thick)
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp fresh chopped basil leaves (you could use dried
1 Tbsp fresh marjoram (you could use dried)
1 Tbsp butter, in 2 pieces, half in each packet
¾ pound asparagus spears, trimmed
(ours were short about 5 inches)
2 tablespoons fresh orange juice

Preheat oven to 400°F. Place parchment sheet on work surface. Generously butter half of each piece of parchment. Top buttered half of each piece with half the asparagus spears, then place1 fish fillet over asparagus. Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper; top each fillet with fresh chopped herbs, squeeze fresh orange juice over fish, then top with1 piece of butter. Fold parchment over fish and asparagus, folding and crimping edges tightly to seal and enclose filling completely. Twist the end under the packet. You can use a paper clip to keep it in place. Place packet on a baking sheet with space between them. You can make these 4-6 hours ahead and keep in the refrigerator. If you like these, they would be great for company as you can prepare them early in the day.

Bake fish packets 20minutes. Slide packets onto plates and serve.
We had garlic roasted new potatoes as a side, It ended up being a little too much asparagus, I think we will use a half pound next time.

Tonights supper!

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