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Pacificly Ocean Bluegrass

December 10, 2011

Yesterday was another great day on the water.  I went fishing with the Band Leader of Pacificly Bluegrass.  I was a member of the band for a short while, and we reconnected.  We are both retired now, so it is great to get together and be on the water with him.  I decided to go out fish off La Jolla to change things up.  I met up with my Bluegrass Buddy Rick at the Dana boat launch in Mission Beach.

We headed out the channel about 630 am, the swell was up, but no wind.  We headed north true the inside of the kelp and stopped where a few boats were anchored up catching squid.  We fished the top edge of the La Jolla Canyon as far north as Torrey Pines.

We kept 13 Rockfish, mostly vermillions and released 12 rockfish.  I like to release all salmon groupers, we released 3 salmon groupers and kept none on the trip.  We used our EcoLeeser Roklees (check it out at

RokLees the Fish Descender

One of my customers reported the day before that he released around 12 fish using the EcoLeeser RokLees with good success.    They kept 20 rockfish and then went to the Mackeral Farm  and had fun wide open bite.

The RokLees was designed to release Pacific Rock Fish, it can work on other species as well.

EcoLeeser – Conserving our Planet one fish at a time.

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  1. Rick Kirby permalink
    December 10, 2011 9:52 pm

    I’m the Bluegrass dude who fished with Randy over the past few weeks. We had a blast. Caught one of the best boxes of Rockfish that I’ve ever helped catch this side of Mexico. The release devise works great and I think is a major step in protecting and even helping to rebuild depleted stocks of an incredible resource. I’ll be putting one on the boat that I partner on and encourage everyone to practice conservation to insure we can all keep fishing.

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