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Trip with a Bluegrass Buddy

December 3, 2011

Yesterday I went out fishing with my Bluegrass Buddy.  We launched the boat in Point Loma, California and headed out 7 miles in my 16 foot skiff.  It was a great day on the water!!

We used jigs and bait, caught fish on both.  Kept 13 Rock Fish, Released 5 Rockfish with the EcoLeeser RokLees Fish Descender.  I kept 3 fish, 2 small 1 pounders for a whole fish dinner and 1 2 pounder I filleted.  My wife tried a new recipe that required me to debone the fish.  After cleaning and descaling, I butterflied the fish and removed all the bones, leaving the head and skin intact.

Keepers of the Day

First debone and butterfy the fish.

Deboning and butterflying

Here is a link to the YouTube video that demonstrated how to debone and butterfly a fish

Deboned and Butterflied

Recipe Whole Fish

1 1lb fish per person,  Deboned and Butterflied

Salt and Pepper

2 Fresh Lemons – 1 sliced thin, and juice of one lemon

Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Herbs, Chives, Oregano, Marjoram, Savory and Tarragon


Prehead Oven to 450 degrees, (or Grill)

Rub outside of fish with Olive Oil

Sprinkle butterflied fish with Salt and pepper

Stuff inside with slices of lemon and then herbs.  We used fresh parsley, savory, tarragon, marjoram and chives.  Kinda hard to be exact and you can use herbs that you like.  We have a herb garden out the back door, so our herbs were fresh picked right before cooking.  Rosemary would also be good in the mix.

Fish Stuffed with Herbs

Once herbs and lemon slices are inside, pull skin over and sprinkle the outside with salt and pepper.  We baked them for 22 minutes.  You could grill them for about 10 mins a side, or until meat flakes and is cooked.

Cooked RockFish - Whole Fish Yum!

She chopped up the leftover herbs and added alittle oil and lemon to use as a garnish with a fresh lemon half

This was really good, but we decided unless we were putting in a stuffing it was too much effort and loss of meat to do the deboning.  It was a good experiment tho and I learned a new technique.

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