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I release rockfish

September 18, 2011

Hello, I am Randy Hupp, Co-inventor of the RokLees Fish Descending Device.  I am a retired plumber, have been a commercial fisherman and lobsterman.  I love to fish and spend as much time on the water as I can.  In my years of fishing, I have fished off the Southern California Coast and in Baja California, primarily Salt Water fishing.

About a year ago, after a day of fishing, a California Department of Fish and Game surveyor gave me a copy of a California SeaGrant Pamphlet that talked about barotrauma and that rockfish could be saved by returning them to depth soon after catching them.  Here is a link to pamplet I received:

Click to access printBAROTRAUMA_BRO-2008.pdf

I had never heard of barotrauma, though I had seen it in my fishing.  I was unaware that if a fish was returned quickly to a depth of approx 100ft/30 meters,  the fish had a high chance of survival.  I tried several of the methods and was not successful, or they were too expensive.  One of my friends stopped by and asked what I was doing.  He started thinking about the problem too.  We worked out a design to grip the fish’s lip with out further injuring the fish and then release it at depth,   submitted a patent appication, developed prototypes and are now producing the RokLees.

In RokLees testing, approximately 300 rockfish  been successfully released in the last year.  Each fish released  has been given an opportunity for survival and restoration of fish stocks.

In future posts, I will provide links to studies, sites  and counts of fish saved.  I want to encourage other fishermen to post when they save fish, each fish saved is so important.

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