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RokLees and Ecoleeser are in Alaska

July 18, 2015

We are in Alaska, we will be fishing and testing the RokLees.  We flew up to Juneau where we will stay 2 nights before heading off to Glacier Bay/Gustavus to go fishing.  The flight yesterday on Alaska Airlines was great.  When we arrived in Juneau, it was raining, and rained all the first day.

Today, we were tourists in Juneau.  We drove south out of town, past the cruise ships in the inlet to check out the view.  As we were driving enjoying the beautiful scenery we pulled over to check out activity on one of the creeks, Sheep Creek.  There were some people on the flats so we headed down to check it out.  There were Chum Salmon heading up the creek to spawn,  It was awesome.

Chum Salmon at Sheep Creek

After viewing the salmon, we headed back into Juneau and drove around the town checking out the houses and area as it is the Capitol of Alaska.  We then headed to visit one of our Retailers,  Western Auto Marine, here is their Website, located at 5165 Glacier Highway, Juneau, Alaska 99801.  Now you wouldn’t believe the inventory that one of the few remaining Western Auto Stores has, this is like an Old Time Hardware store.  Downstairs they have their Auto Parts, Gardening, home and more items.  Upstairs is a sportsman’s paradise, it is amazing, full of tons of fishing tackle, marine supplies, hunting supplies, and lots of sports items for things like biking, baseball, hiking and more.  And they carry the RokLees!

Western Auto

We really appreciate the time the store owner, John spent with us.  This store was one of our early retailers and has provided devices to commercial boats and private boaters.  It was great to hear he had been using the RokLees himself, so he has personal experience he can share with his customers.

We then headed out the the Mendenhall Glacier.  Hard to describe in words how awesome and big the glacier is, it is about 2 miles from here we were viewing it.  The waterfall on the right was about 1 mile away.


We ended out day heading out to the Salmon Hatchery.  They were processing Chum Salmon to harvest the eggs and sperm.  The raise about 1.2 million salmon to release back to the water.

Macaulay Salmon HatcheryDSC01655

Tomorrow we leave for Glacier Bay.  Hope to have some more pictures and experiences to share.


RokLees now at Cabela’s!!

May 11, 2015

The RokLees is available at Cabela’s on-line and can be delivered to Cabela’s local stores.

Here is the link

RokLees at Long Beach Fred Hall Fishing Show 2015

March 4, 2015

We are at the Fred Hall Fishing Show March 4-8. Our booth number is 841. Please stop by and see us.  We will also be at the Del Mar Show March 26-29.  Hope to see you there!DSC00083

Testing new release device design and South African Reel on Release Rod

December 8, 2014

Friday 28 November, went fishing with my cousin Trisan and son Mark off Point Loma, California.  You might be surprised but we were targeting Rockfish.  We were testing a new fish descender for both small and large fish.  We are hoping to get the price way down if possible.  The testing went well, but we realize the new design needs more modifications for the bigger lips on the larger fish.  The fishing was great, we only released 6 fish, mainly Bocaccio.  We kept limits of Vermillion Rockfish, but their size was smaller than expected.  The fish were 14″-17″, (1.5-3lbs), we are hoping it was just the location.

Saturday Dec 6, went fishing with my cousin Tristan again.  This time we got limits of larger Vermillion Rockfish, they were 16″-20″, 2-4 pounds.  We tried out Tristans’ New South African Fishing Reel.  This reel is 8″ in diameter and has no gears.  We easily released a 6 pound Bocaccio, our biggest of the day using his RokLees Fish Descender on his release rod.   We used 2 lbs of weight to get the fish down.

You can check out the below link on YOUTUBE to see the video of the Release using the RokLees Fish Descender by EcoLeeser

EcoLeeser and the New RokLees Big Fish Kit at ICAST 2014 in Orlando

July 3, 2014

We will be attending the ICAST 2014 Show in Orlando, Florida July 16-18. We will be in Booth 1401 and will have our new RokLees Big Fish Kit. Come on by and visit us if you come to the show! We are hoping to try our device on some of the bigger fish that suffer from barotrauma in Florida.  If you have any recommendations on a place to catch Snapper or Grouper that have Barotrauma let us know as we look for fishing opportunities ICAST compass_Outer

It don’t get any better than this, Bluegrass Music and a Fishing TradeShow

July 16, 2013

I know the post is late, but we are back from ICAST and wanted to share this.  This is a Bluegrass Band from Las Vegas Nevada called “Out of the Desert”.

Out of the Desert Bluegrass Band

Out of the Desert Bluegrass Band

They were a refreshing break from the hectic day of doing business.


The Scientists

June 8, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarotrauma on Bocaccio, notice extended stomach and bluging eyes

I wanted to write up about the trip I took with some  Scientists I met through this process learning about Barotrauma.  We have met scientists from both the West and East Coasts.  Some of the research scientists from Florida were out to San Diego for a conference and we were able to hook up to get out fishing.  On the trip we used the RokLees as well as several other methods for descending fish.  John Stevely, Brian Fluech, Chuck Adams, Louie Zimm and myself went fishing that day.


Brian showing a Vermilion Rockfish

We left the San Diego Yacht Club  on Louie’s  boat  early in the morning.    We headed north of the Coronado Islands in Mexican waters. We targeted Rockfish with very light gear in 300 foot water.  The light tackle was alot of fun.  We used 20 lb test with medium size Shimano Lucanus Jigs.  Louie had a great milk crate fish descending device.  He used chain around the open end to weight the box.  See photo


John releasing with Louies’ Milkcrate

We also used the RokLees and the Seaqualizer to release fish.  It was pretty much a release trip for fish with Barotrauma only a few were kept for dinner that night.  Fish released back at depth of capture or at least 1/3 depth of capture have a very high survival rate.  You can check out videos on to see the RokLees in action


RokLees descending 2 small rockfish
It was an enjoyable time.  Photos by Brian Fluech

RokLees at Squidco Fathers Day Sale – Sat 15 June 2013

June 8, 2013

Come on down to the Squidco for their annual Fathers Day Event. We will have a booth for demonstration along with several vendors. See the flyer for event specials. Hope you can make it2013_06_08_11_11_13.pdf000

Day at the Islands

March 19, 2013

Today Butch, Jason and I headed south into Mexican Waters as we heard that the Yellows were biting at the Islands.  Butch caught this 22 pounder around 10AM.

Butch with his 22 lb Yellowtail

Butch with his 22 lb Yellowtail

We caught several lings,  reds and one Cow Cod which was released with the RokLees and 5 lbs of weight.  The Cow was about 10 lbs, we didn’t need the 5 lbs, but wanted to be sure we could get it down to the bottom.  It was released back to depth of capture.  Too bad we forgot the video camera, we would have shown the release!

ImageWe will be at the Fred Hall Del Mar show Mar 21-24.

RokLees at Fred Hall Long Beach Ecoleeser Booth

March 8, 2013

We are at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show

We are in Booth 737, come and visit us and check out the RokLees